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We love User Experience.

Welcome to Sendinthefox.


Conceptual & Human-Centred Design.

MVP Product Design

Designing with cross-functional collaboration is key.

Human-Computer Interaction

Mobile-first and touch device strategies.

Human-Centred Design

  • Human-Centred Design Workshops
  • Collaborative Service Design
  • User Research
  • Design for Data

Strategic Design

  • Information Architecture
  • UX Patterns
  • Continuity in Design
  • Design Systems

Human-Computer Interactions

  • Scaling Lean MVP Product design
  • UED is impacted by UX copywriting
  • ERP Dashboards & Trading Interfaces
  • Mobile Apps UX-UI

UX Delivery

  • Agile & Scrum (CSM®) Delivery
  • UX Data, Growth & Governance
  • Design QA with Scrum & DevOps
  • Usability & User Testing

Design starts with Divergent thinking techniques that orb through funnels of convergent decisions based on evidence.

With over 5 years solid global banking and financial service client experience to lead your projects from cross-functioning teams and stakeholders through defining products using collaborative design thinking HCD workshops.

Sendinthefox is a Certified HCD Practitioner through the LUMA Institute.

Grow your brand by Scaling lean from a MVP and reward your profits on risk.

Scalablity within roadmap phases allow for scale up from a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) within agile and scrum working methodologies. Design thinking is used to derive features and enhancements for customers.

Move at a fast pace, either lean or strategically. We love paper prototypes, handsketching, Figma and we understand scalable product design. Our chosen method is to use ‘Mobile-first’ as a strategy for providing simplistic and engaging user experiences.

Human-Mobile Interactions

Digital content is tailored to specific segments, service journey and customer journey mapping can be developed by analysing data, observing users, conducting usability and user research.

Built with mobile-first thinking, here at Sendinthefox we are constantly evolving innovation UI solutions which engage users’ mental models and user behaviours across multiple devices. We work to mobile GUI global standards from Apple and Google Design.

Our fully-responsive web user interfaces are sculpted to best-practice usability and Neilsen’s heuristics guidelines to offer mobile-ready ageing populations ease-of-use and accessibility in design.

We work in Figma.

Understand the impact of concise copy and a clear direction.

Don’t let Marketing and copywriters destroy your digital experience. Get a proven global award-winning UX designer involved. We even help define Playbooks on recommended character and word limits.

Keep it simple. Mobile-first content, every-time, on time.

Researching the Google key words and trends in your marketplace is an instrumental move to tailor your brand’s position online.

Our method is to then build on your business’s three main themes, submit your site correctly and monitor analytics.

Design management in delivery for a high quality finish.

Mentor your analysts and designers with a proven track record on combining design into a fast-paced delivery environment such as DevOps, Scrum and Design sprints.

We’re certified as a Certified Scrum Master® and we love building out sprint plans, product roadmaps, prioritisation using Feature-Driven Design to define scalable MVP products that make sense for new users.

programming javascript with React versus vue?

Where precision meets care.

We live by Human-Computer interactions.

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