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Delivering UX wireframes

Solution Definition
The creation of user experience solutions; hybrid, native apps, responsive, phased solutions.

User Behaviour across devices
Collaboration with the strategy and data teams to drive strategy development. Translate and build on business strategies for feature driven user experience requirements. Apply insights and design principles based on user research, user testing for best practice user experience.

User Interface Design
Content Planning: Lead the analysis, organization, growth and design of world-class content solutions to drive the UX.

Discover through UX Prototyping

Interaction Design
Schematics: Lead creative for schematics that will document wireframes, functions, features and interactions.
Watch an Axure example of a mobile prototype.
Start developing from the best web templates around Bootstrap3 and Foundation5.

Presentation of User Flow (Storytelling)

User flow: Implement design of UX solutions; functions, flow, interface, interaction and best practice guidelines.
User journeys: based on user experience research, business strategy, data and current,  future service design solution.

Agile UX
Prototyping (Rapid Prototypes): Lead development of rapid prototypes to support the articulation of service design solutions where required. Use Axure, Justinmind or even start developing in templates such a Bootstrap and Foundation.

Wireframes through to final design

UX wireframes provide annotated wireframes for designers, marketing teams and developers. Wireframes are an easy way to iterate through designs, find the right usability and prototype through correct userflows to test out your design solution.

Axure Wireframes

Axure Sketch to Final Design

Annotated wireframes

Clear communication across each division of a company on the design solution of an app.

Efficiency in production

Wireframe documents are a sure fire way to document, scope and increase the speed of production, they help define design issues, describe features, interactions and are easily up datable before handing over to the UI designer.

GUI Sets Best Practice

Prototyping for User Testing

Design guidelines are essential

Before setting up the wireframes the UX designer should understand each operating system's optimal Graphic User Interface design elements. This ensures best-practice per device user experience on things like touch button heights.

Test the solution

If you have the budget and the time, user testing on prototypes will ensure any system errors are found out. Its also great to gauge feedback and is the first major step in understanding the user experience soon to come.

Bootstrap 3

Foundation 5

Designed for everyone, everywhere

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It's made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.


Foundation 5 is our fastest, best build yet. It’s packed with features to help you code and learn faster than ever before.


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