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Where precision meets care.

Sendinthefox is a boutique full stack design studio that offers a wide range of digital services.

Design & Innovation Lab Setup

Innovation lab and Experience Centre setup to gain the best insights through Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design workshops.

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Scaling Lean & Agile Methodologies

Scalablity within roadmap phases allow for scale up from a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) within agile and scrum working methodologies. Design thinking is used to derive features and enhancements for customers.

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Prototyping & UX Wireframes

User experience is developed under scrum and design sprints to develop high level concepts to hi-fidelity wireframes and rapid prototypes.

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Customer Experience & HCD

Digital content is tailored to specific segments, using Human Centred Design techniques, a service journey and customer journeys can be developed by analysing data, observing users, conducting usability and user research.

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Human-Computer Interaction & Mental Models

Built with mobile-first thinking, here at Sendinthefox we are constantly evolving innovation UI solutions which engage users’ mental models across multiple devices. We work to mobile GUI best practices and Nielsen’s heuristics theory.

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Digital Strategy & SEO

Researching the Google key words and trends in your marketplace is an instrumental move to tailor your brand’s position online. Our method is to then build on your business’s three main themes.

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