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Finding real value through data analytics.

Global user keyword search 'Herring'
Global user keyword search 'Red Herring'
Australian users keyword search 'Red Herring'
Australian keyword search 'Bob's Red Herring.'

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

#1 Top Ranking

Achieve top rankings on Google for the #1 ranking for a chosen category through customized intelligence for optimizing your website. The best SEO strategies are continued over long periods of time.

Increase Site Traffic

By multiplying the targeted traffic to your website, you will increase qualified leads and enquiries. Along with more site visitors, you will be guaranteed to increase your sales.


Google Ads & Analytics

For fast and immediate results use search Engine Marketing tools like Google Adwords and Google Analytics to drive into the data that matters. Deliver higher than 1000% ROI on SEO and Google Adwords.

Ongoing SEO strategy

A good SEO presence doesn’t appear overnight, its built up gradually over time.

Thinking mobile

90% (91% on mobile devices) of Australians search for a product or service on Google Search Engine.  “Google has stated that mobile landing pages will now become part of Adwords quality score rankings”. (Erickson, 2012).
Did you know that in China 2013, Baidu Search Engine had a 70% market share. Google was second with 18%. Oct 2012 – Jan 2013. (StatCounter, 2013)
When developing a mobile site, focus on engaging content which is educating and entertaining through a positive experience by using key features which support each mobile environment.
Mobile SEO activities can negatively impact a user with a poor user experience resulting in high drop outs and loss of lead generation.  A website’s bounce rates  is deemed by Google as a negative effect for search engine index ranking. Google is placing an increasing level of attention to SEO for websites that are mobile friendly and/or rendered responsively, so now is the time to think mobile SEO.
A number of industries, particularly retail in Australia and around the world, have seen how not ‘thinking online’ can impact on long-term business decisions, by having a mobile site that performs in search engines will provide improved opportunities for new revenue streams.

SEO for mobile is different


Different Search Requirements

Search requirements differ on mobile than regular PC usage.

Mobile Behaviours

Because of the difference in nature and dimension of the device, mobile requires more functional task type features and content which is more personal and intuitive to the user.

Mobile Tailored Content

Due to smaller screen sizes on mobile devices and slower data download rates, it is common for the mobile friendly version of a company website content and design to be produced as a much lighter version.

Separate Keyword Strategy

Keyword selection used to optimize a PC compliant website may differ for mobile solutions. This is due to the usage pattern of mobile search differing dramatically to that on PC’s.

How does social media impact SEO?

On-going social media activities make a significant impact on SEO rankings. Relevance and authentic content make for better search engine rankings on matching keywords.  Adding social media sharing buttons to a website is an easy method to enhance the likelihood of users sharing content. Whenever the content is shared, it gains inbound links to your website SEO score. Google is pushing for more businesses to search once logged-in with their profile accounts and Google+ profiles. Social media SEO goes deeper than just liking, shares and tweets, the sharing on these social networks are forming social graphs and viral sharing mind maps which are altering the impact on generic rankings. Google use tweeted links and Re-tweets as a signal in the Google organic and news rankings just like normal website content. Google also use it to enhance the news universal by marking how many people shared an article. Google treat links shared on Facebook fan pages exactly the same as tweeted links. A larger social reach is a competitive advantage in SEO. Businesses should no longer ignore their social media connections. Facebook connections, Twitter followers, LinkedIn account size and an engagement across these platforms can no longer be treated as social metrics, they’re KPIs hidden within your SEO strategy, so go forth and connect!

The science behind SEO


    Example of effectiveness

    Head search results ($3.20 per click)


    Medium-tail search results ($0.11 per click)


    Long-tail search results ($0.05 per click)


    Setting up AdWords

    When setting up Google Adwords it is common to set up a budget. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.  You can use Keyword Planner to find new keyword and ad group ideas, get performance estimates for them to find the bid and budget that are right for you, and then add them to your campaigns. “Keyword Planner doesn’t let you specifically target mobile devices, like tablets and mobile phones. By default, it targets all devices, which is in line with recent changes made to AdWords campaigns. We’re working on a feature that’ll allow you to get traffic estimates by device type and set bid adjustments for mobile devices.” (Google 2014)

    What is AdWords?

    Digital Strategy Tips

    Define key products for promotion

    – Set SEO goals – Select campaign theme strategies

    Offer Unique Product Placement

    – Keywords Analysis – Competition analysis – Keyword creator tools (3 – 4 word phrases and 2 word phrases) – Select Consistent Strategy Themes – Trend analysis


    Search Engine Marketing

    – Submit to google indexing – Add meta tags per page – Submission and tracking

    Landing Page Analysis

    – Describe pages a user will first enter from SEO or PPC entry point – Target particular theme searches with terms – Test landing page to gauge effectiveness


    Website Analytics & Improvements

    – Analytics management – Interpret data, which part of site isn’t being used – Social network plug-in per page for page sharing – Install blog article

    Search Engine Optimisation

    – Use keywords, consistent themes in SEO page coding – External linking of website – Building linking of website – Quality score, Google Page Rank, Competitor analysis – Social network plug-in per page for page sharing

    Online PR

    – Blogs – Titles, text and keywords dictate PR – Combine info marketing with social networking sites – News distribution sites, social bookmarking sites


    – PPC Techniques – Quality Scores – Google Adwords Structure – PPC Keyword targeting – PPC Advert Creation – Bid Management

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