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How to Increase your Internet Security (XBOX ONE LIVE Hacked)

By July 17, 2014July 21st, 2014Internet Security

Recently I had my router / Wi-fi IP connection hacked through playing online on XBOX ONE LIVE. I recommend all Router and Wi-fi users to encrypt their passwords.

If you are hacked through your IP – try a hard reset of your router.


1. 1PasswordPassword Encryption

Encrypt your networkDownload the app 1Password and generate encrypted passwords


2. Little SnitchInternet Privacy

For better privacy Install Little Snitch to view incoming and outgoing connections to your CPU, you get 3 hours free use then it shuts down on the demo version, worth getting the full version


3. VPNMost Popular

Protect yourself from HackersInstall a VPN – A VPN sits as an encrypted layer between a public or your own Wi-fi and sends back encrypted data to the ISP. This is handy when travelling and can be used to access country content that you would normally be blocked from viewing


4. Gaming ConsolesMost Popular

Protect your sign-inIf you are using gaming consoles – I suggest to set up maximum security and privacy on the account with sign in and remove credit card info from the console.

There you go, safe browsing!